Report shows demand for aluminium windows and doors is booming

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A recent industry report by one of the construction and fenestration industry’s most respected suppliers of data has shown that demand for aluminium windows and doors across the industry is continuing to rise.

Continuing growth in the aluminium sector

The Window Industry Report 2014, researched and compiled by Insight Data, a leading provider of marketing data and CRM software exclusively in the UK construction, fenestration and glazing industries, is produced annually and details the health of the sector in general.

This year’s report has highlighted the continuing demand for aluminium products and makes for interesting reading; particularly for installers who are hesitant about investing in aluminium windows, doors or bifolds for their range.

The report suggests that there is a continuing shift towards aluminium products amongst fabricators and installers, driven in part by an increasing demand for aluminium windows and doors in the industry. The report cites the fact that aluminium windows and doors are now offered by 4,834 installers: an increase of 291 companies when compared to 2013.

Growing demand

It also suggests that the continued high performance of two of the biggest aluminium systems companies over the last year reflects the growing demand for aluminium products. The data is really quite astounding.

The report states: ‘A brief review of aluminium systems companies gives a clearer picture of the market. Two companies in particular – Smart Systems Ltd and Aluk (GB) Ltd have achieved dramatic growth in sales and profit compared with their PVC-U counterparts.

‘Smart Systems has seen sales increase during the last three published financial years from £31m to £52m with an impressive pre-tax profit of £12m in their latest filed accounts (December 2013), while Aluk has seen a 52% turnover increase in the last financial year, returning 15% pre-tax profit. These figures, together with other positive results from aluminium systems companies, reflect the growth of the market.’

Aluminium windows, doors and bifolds: a good time to invest?

The report goes on to suggest that now is a wise time to consider investing in aluminium products for your range, highlighting the continuing demand for such products across the industry in general.

‘Aluminium is now firmly established as an alternative to PVC-U, and it’s no longer just about bi-fold doors.’ the report states, ‘We predict rapid growth in large-span aluminium patio doors.’

If the evidence presented in this report is anything to go by, investing in aluminium home improvements for the future could be a wise decision to make for your business.

High performance aluminium bifolds from Bifold Network

As Insight Data’s Window Industry Report 2014 suggests, there has never been a better time to invest in aluminium products than right now.

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