Why bifold doors are perfect for… restaurant projects

why bifold doors are perfect for restaurants

Bifolds are the perfect product for commercial applications that require a versatile door, such as restaurant projects. Bifold doors for commercial applications from the Bifold Network Here at Bifold Network, we know that bifolds are the perfect type of door for use in a commercial environment. We supply a range of bifolds suitable for use in commercial applications, such as retail settings. Here are a few reasons why bifolds are perfect for use in projects like restaurant and shop refits: Reasons why bifold doors are perfect for commercial properties 1. They’re versatile … Continue reading

10 reasons to buy a Smarts bifold door

smarts bifold

Here at Bifold Network, the bifold systems we use are provided by the market leading, Smarts company. One of the leading systems companies when it comes to creating high quality, high performance bifold doors, Smart Systems bifold are some of the best available. Here’s 10 reasons why you should buy a Smarts bifold door: 1. They’re incredibly secure Utilising an advanced multipoint locking mechanism, Smarts bifold doors are incredibly secure. A robust, durable aluminium frame combined with thick, reinforced glazing further increases the security of the door, making a Smarts bifold one … Continue reading

2015: A good year for bifold door sales

  As we saw from the sales evidence of our network members, 2014 was a great year for bifold installers, with homeowners continuing to choose ali bifolds as their luxury home improvement product of choice.   If 2014 showed us anything, it was that bifolds are one of the most sought-after products that an installer can offer. Over the course of the year, bifold door sales remained strong, and this trend looks set to continue into 2015 and beyond.   What does 2015 hold for bifold door sales? With the economy steadily … Continue reading

Keep the weather at bay

Weatherproof bi-folds

British weather can be particularly erratic. We’ve seen that proven over the last week with the infamous ‘weather-bomb’ that hit parts of the country causing massive disruption and damage to properties.   With global warming increasingly playing havoc with our weather systems, many homeowners are beginning to look for a more weatherproof bi-fold, like the ones we supply here at Bifold Network.   Specifying a weatherproof bifold as part of your range can really help to net you new customers. Here are some weatherproofing features you can use to maximise the weatherproofing … Continue reading

Free homeowner leads

Coins and plant, isolated on white background

As that time-honoured saying goes, ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. We honour that maxim here at the Bifold Network. We provide a dedicated network for installers, helping you sell and install our aluminium bifold doors. Free homeowner leads with Bifold Network As a member of the Bifold Network you’ll received a host of exclusive benefits. One of the most exciting of these is free homeowner leads. Thanks to our website bifold builder, our digital marketing and our great reputation in the industry we generate a lot of homeowner leads. As a … Continue reading

Window walls vs. glass doors

Window walls or glass doors

What is a window wall? A window wall is just what it sounds like: a wall made entirely of glazing. Popular in many commercial developments, window walls have found their way into residential applications in the form of floor-to-ceiling windows. Due to developments in double glazing technology, large glass areas can now replace walls without compromising on security or energy efficiency.   What is a glass door? A glass door, again, is exactly as it sounds: a door made completely of glazing. Sliding in-line patio doors and French doors used to be … Continue reading

Custom aluminium windows

Aluminium windows and balconies on the facade of a residential block of flats or apartments

Bifold Network are aluminium specialists. Well known in the industry for the superb quality of our bifold doors, a little known fact is that we are also able to offer custom aluminium windows to our customers.   Regardless of whether you’re an installer, a homeowner or work within the commercial market, we can create custom aluminium windows whose impeccable quality you won’t be able to find elsewhere in the industry. Aluminium: the perfect window material Aluminium windows have come a long way over the last decade. Slim, light and easy to install, … Continue reading

Why bifold doors are perfect for… your garage

Bifold doors are ideal for garages

Traditional garage doors can be cumbersome to operate at the best of times. Heavy, often liable to rust and for many people, difficult to use, their awkward design means that sometimes they can be more hassle than they’re worth. Bifold Network however, have the answer: a bifolding garage door. The bifold technology revolution The growth and development of bifold technology over the last decade has revolutionised the way that we think about the boundaries of space. The perfection of bifolding technology means that a five-metre wide, bifolding door can be easily folded … Continue reading

What other aluminium products do we supply?


As well as being a specialist in the manufacture and supply of aluminium bifolding doors, Bifold Network can also offer a diverse range of other products such as windows and doors. These aluminium product ranges are designed to perfectly complement your existing Bifold Network products.   Created to the same profile system as your aluminium bifold, we can manufacture matching Smarts aluminium windows, designed to suit the appearance of your existing product and helping you to achieve continuity in the property’s look. All these products are also manufactured in the same specialist … Continue reading

Free UK bifold door delivery, nationwide.

Imagine it. You’ve ordered the product, parted with your money and you’re about to arrange your delivery. Then suddenly you’re hit with an unwelcome addition of extra charges in the form of delivery charges: a horrible sting in the proverbial sales tail that is an unfortunate reality for most of us. Add to this the very real possibility that your purchase might not even arrive on time, or even at all in some rare cases, and you have the perfectly worst delivery process. If you can’t fit a product, you don’t get … Continue reading