Most unusual coloured bifold doors

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Bifold doors in a house

Taking the range of interesting colours we offer with our bifolds here at the Bifold Network as inspiration, we thought we’d investigate more about unsually coloured bifold doors.

Bifold Network bifolds: available in any RAL colour

For us the versatility of a bifold is everything. That’s why at the Bifold Network all of the bifolds we supply are available in ANY RAL colour so that they can match the demands of any project. With over 1900 options to choose from, that’s a lot of possibilities. Here’s our pick of 5 of the best unusually coloured bifold doors from around the world:

1. Dual coloured bifold doors

Dual coloured bifold doors are incredibly versatile, allowing a homeowner to pursue a different style inside and outside. Here the cream of the exterior side of the panel helps to blend in with the outside aesthetic of the building, whilst a darker brown on the interior panel matches the timber of the inside of the house. We offer a range of dual colouring options here at Bifold Network.

2. Pink bifold doors

You don’t normally see many bright pink bifold doors in the street: chances are you probably haven’t installed many either. Bifolds can be coloured pink though if the project demands it! The pink of the bifolds here help to compliment the kitsch style and decor of the property itself.

3. Industrial bifold doors

These bifold doors in a railway are designed to stand out. Being painted in yellow allows the bifold doors to stand out, making it easier for shunters to be aware of their surroundings when moving rolling stock.

4. Restaurant bifold doors

Red is a bold colour, suiting modern properties. It’s best used to create a statement or add drama to a building’s aesthetic. Here the red bifold doors help to make the restaurant stand out, catching the eyes (and interest) of potential customers.

5. Sky blue bifolds

Unconventional colours can work well when used correctly. Here the use of a sky blue colour helps the bifold doors to match the overall appearance of this traditional property.

Improve your range by joining the Bifold Network today!

To find out more about the Bifold Network and our range of high quality aluminium bifolds, please give us a call on 01142 313 133 or send us an email. We hope to hear from you soon.

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