6 reasons we’re Yorkshire’s best aluminium manufacturer

6 reasons we’re Yorkshire’s best aluminium manufacturer 1. We specialise in creating bifolds Here at Bifold Network we’re specialists when it comes to manufacturing the highest quality bifolds from aluminium. One of the most popular, high margin products in the home improvement industry at the moment, bifold doors are a versatile addition to any installer’s product range. 2. We only use high quality aluminium in our bifold doors Aluminium is the best material you can manufacture a bifold from. Durable, attractive and incredibly long lasting, we make sure to use only the … Continue reading

2015: A good year for bifold door sales

  As we saw from the sales evidence of our network members, 2014 was a great year for bifold installers, with homeowners continuing to choose ali bifolds as their luxury home improvement product of choice.   If 2014 showed us anything, it was that bifolds are one of the most sought-after products that an installer can offer. Over the course of the year, bifold door sales remained strong, and this trend looks set to continue into 2015 and beyond.   What does 2015 hold for bifold door sales? With the economy steadily … Continue reading

43 Selling Points of Aluminium Bifolds

Aluminium bifold doors benefits and sales sheet

  As a sales professional in the glazing industry, you’re bound to have done your homework. There’s nothing you don’t know about bifolds, and you have plenty of sales literature, brochures and case studies to show your prospective customer.   But so has every other bifold installer.   Now that the home improvement market is picking up and nearly every window and door installer now offers bifolds as part of their range, how do you ensure you and your product stand out against the competition?   Sales sheet for aluminium bifolds   … Continue reading

5 Ways to Boost Bifold Sales in 2014

Bifold door network approved installer

For a good start to your bifold sales business in 2014… One of our New Year’s resolutions at the Bifold Network is to make this year the most successful and profitable to date for our network of installers. We have plenty of ideas to help bifold installers’ businesses grow substantially in 2014, but what can you do to give yourself the best start to 2014? Here are five resolutions you should make to boost bifold sales this year.   1. Join our network of installers By becoming part of our installer network, … Continue reading

New Network Set Up to Help Installers Sell More Bifold Doors

Allan standing next to a monitor with Bifold Network website

A new installer network has been set up to create fresh opportunities for installers within the aluminium bifold door market.   Set up by specialist fabricator of aluminium bifold doors the Bifold Network, the aim is to help installers take on profitable bifold jobs by offering them the tools and support they need to fit with confidence.   “The market for bifold doors has exploded but whilst many have grabbed their slice there are still those yet to make the leap into installation,” says managing director of Bifold Network Allan Ensor. “Installers … Continue reading

Fit with Confidence with Installation Support from the Bifold Network

The bi-folding door market is still going strong and provides many lucrative selling opportunities for installers in the domestic and commercial sectors. Many have already grabbed their slice of the market, but there are still those who are yet to make the leap into bi-fold installation.   Installers and local builders who typically install PVCu patio doors may not have the confidence or knowledge to install bi-folds and as a result do not introduce them to their product offering on this basis alone.   It’s understandable. You want to do a good … Continue reading

A Colourful Way to Win New Business

An image of a bifold half grey and half in colour

It’s not surprising the market for coloured bifolds is exploding. As consumers exercise their freedom of choice and display their individuality across all aspects of their lifestyle it was only a matter of time before windows and doors got a makeover too.   As a result there are now ample opportunities for installers to capitalise on this market boom simply through offering coloured frames. From subtle pastels to out-there brights, the trick to grabbing consumer attention is to offer as much choice as possible. By doing this you can appeal to every … Continue reading