3 Reasons Why Bifolds Are Not Just for Summer

Bifolds offer amazing winter views

One of the most used selling points for bifold doors is that they are a fantastic summer feature for a house or commercial installation. Bifolds are ideal for linking the living room and garden for BBQs, creating an al fresco dining experience for a restaurant or converting hotel rooms into living space by opening them out onto balconies.   Whilst this is true, there is more to the bifold than just a way of bringing the summer inside. Keep reading to discover why bifolding doors make a great addition to any house … Continue reading

How to Maintain Bifold Doors in the UK

Bifold doors in a house

                          Bifold doors from the Bifold Network require minimal maintenance – dirty frames can look as good as new simply by wiping them down with a warm, wet cloth. But no bifold is completely maintenance free, and the British weather can throw a few problems their way that require some extra attention and care. Here are our top tips on how to maintain bifold doors and keep them looking, and working, great. Clear The Tracks Windy weather can shake a … Continue reading

Buying Bifold Doors – FAQ

An image of timber planks

When buying bifold doors you’re going to want as much information as possible before making a decision. You wouldn’t walk into an electrical goods shop and buy a TV without finding out about it first or comparing it with others, and it’s the same for bifold doors. Here are some questions you might be asking yourself (and some you might not have though of) to help you make the right decision when considering buying bifold doors. Are Bifold Doors Really Worth The Price? Prices for bifolds vary for a variety of reasons. … Continue reading

Bifolds and Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Bifold Doors

There are many factors that influence consumers when buying home improvement products such as bifolds. Cost is high on the list, but this is becoming less important to today’s homeowner as they look to investment pieces to add value to their home. Instead factors such as energy efficiency and the environment are playing a bigger role in the decision making. It’s these types of factors you need to consider when selling into the domestic market. Increasing thermal performance – using the right materials When it comes to bifolds there’s much debate over … Continue reading

Combining Bi-folds with a Conservatory

A bifold door installed in a conservtaory or extension

Bifolding doors are often installed as a replacement for patio or French doors but they can be used for lots of different purposes. Now with the summer and conservatory season well under way why not offer your customers something extra impressive by combining the two?   Installing a bifold with a conservatory can be a complex process but if you follow all the right procedures the result is truly incredible.   Take all precautions when fitting as a badly installed bi-fold could lead to the top panes of the conservatory collapsing. Stop … Continue reading

Size Matters: Maximum Bi-Fold Sash Sizes and Heights

Sash sizes and heights are important when installing bifolds. A bigger sash means a bigger, and heavier, sealed unit. This can lead to problems during and after installation.   Some companies sell their bi-folds on the premise that they can supply three metre sash sizes, but we recommend a one-metre sash. This is because most people’s arms aren’t longer than a metre, making it difficult to reach around and carry out the installation. Bi-folding doors tend not to function as well when their width is larger than a metre and homeowners might … Continue reading