Free homeowner leads

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As that time-honoured saying goes, ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. We honour that maxim here at the Bifold Network. We provide a dedicated network for installers, helping you sell and install our aluminium bifold doors. Free homeowner leads with Bifold Network As a member of the Bifold Network you’ll received a host of exclusive benefits. One of the most exciting of these is free homeowner leads. Thanks to our website bifold builder, our digital marketing and our great reputation in the industry we generate a lot of homeowner leads. As a … Continue reading

What other aluminium products do we supply?


As well as being a specialist in the manufacture and supply of aluminium bifolding doors, Bifold Network can also offer a diverse range of other products such as windows and doors. These aluminium product ranges are designed to perfectly complement your existing Bifold Network products.   Created to the same profile system as your aluminium bifold, we can manufacture matching Smarts aluminium windows, designed to suit the appearance of your existing product and helping you to achieve continuity in the property’s look. All these products are also manufactured in the same specialist … Continue reading

Free UK bifold door delivery, nationwide.

Imagine it. You’ve ordered the product, parted with your money and you’re about to arrange your delivery. Then suddenly you’re hit with an unwelcome addition of extra charges in the form of delivery charges: a horrible sting in the proverbial sales tail that is an unfortunate reality for most of us. Add to this the very real possibility that your purchase might not even arrive on time, or even at all in some rare cases, and you have the perfectly worst delivery process. If you can’t fit a product, you don’t get … Continue reading

Responsive Site Boosts Leads for Installers

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“Having a responsive website is more important than ever,” says Allan Ensor, managing director of the Bifold Network. “Most internet searches come from a mobile device so if your website isn’t tailored to this audience you’re missing out on a huge chunk of potential business.”   Non-optimised websites look fine displayed on a desktop computer or laptop but if viewed on a tablet or smartphone it can be a completely different story. These devices struggle to display content designed for larger screens, leaving the viewer endlessly scrolling or zooming to find the … Continue reading

Over 100 Companies Flock to Become Bifold Network Dealers

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Since its launch in May this year, companies across the UK have flocked to become approved Bifold Network installers.   The network was set up to help installers take on profitable bi-fold jobs in the aluminium market, with over 100 registering so far.   Managing Director Allan Ensor credits this success to a market leading product and quality customer service:   “Two important things any installer needs are quality products and a reliable supplier – and the Bifold Network offers both of these. We manufacture the Smarts Visofold 1000 aluminium bifold – … Continue reading

New Network Set Up to Help Installers Sell More Bifold Doors

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A new installer network has been set up to create fresh opportunities for installers within the aluminium bifold door market.   Set up by specialist fabricator of aluminium bifold doors the Bifold Network, the aim is to help installers take on profitable bifold jobs by offering them the tools and support they need to fit with confidence.   “The market for bifold doors has exploded but whilst many have grabbed their slice there are still those yet to make the leap into installation,” says managing director of Bifold Network Allan Ensor. “Installers … Continue reading