10 reasons you need aluminum bifold doors in your range

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Aluminium bifold doors have to be one of the most sought after home improvement products of recent years. Many installers are only just beginning to get acquainted with the rapidly growing bifold market though. Here are 10 reasons why you need to offer aluminium bifold doors as part of your range, now:

1. They have incredible aesthetics

Capable of utilising very slim sightlines, and larger areas of glazing, aluminium bifold doors can provide a home with an impressive appearance both inside and outside. The large glazed areas on a bifold door panel mean that more light is capable of being admitted into a room, making it feel brighter and bigger as a result.

Our aluminium bifold doors for instance are supplied with sightlines as slim as 133mm and a frame depth of 70mm for superb aesthetics.

2. They can attract a new type of customer

As a luxury home improvement product bifold doors appeal to a huge range of consumers. This means that offering a bifold door as part of your product range can help you to attract a new, potentially lucrative, type of customer to your business.

3. They’re energy efficient

Aluminium bifold doors are also very energy efficient, making them a good product to invest in if you want to boost the eco-friendly credentials of your business. Here at Bifold Network, our aluminium bifolds are supplied with high performance 28mm double glazing as standard and are capable of achieving U values as low as 1.8 W/m2K making them exceptionally energy efficient.

4. They offer exceptional returns

Offering installers a great profit margin, investing in bifold doors can help to improve the overall profitability of your product range. Bifolds offer an installer exceptional returns thanks to their popularity and the prices that they can command. The market itself, although massive, is still developing so not many installers have realised its potential. Get ahead of the rest by offering an aluminium bifold as part of your product range now.

5. They’re weatherproof

Aluminium is the perfect material from which to make a bifold door as it is incredibly durable, has a long life span and is resistant to corrosion. Naturally then, aluminium bifold doors provide exceptional weatherproofing properties and can be used in a range of climatic settings: from the coast to the Highlands. Bifold Network supply all of our aluminium bifolds fully weather-sealed for enhanced protection from the elements.

6. They can enhance the value of a property

Thanks to their status as the ‘must-have’ home improvement product of recent years, bifold doors have been proven to increase the market price of a property. The value-adding benefits of aluminium bifolds provide a particular useful selling point that can help you net additional sales.

7. They’re secure

Supplied with high quality multipoint locking as standard, aluminium bifold doors offer exceptional security properties. Offering one as part of your range can thus help you to target the security-minded homeowner and make great returns.

8. They’re suited to both domestic and commercial projects

Thanks to their versatile aesthetics and performance, aluminium bifold doors are suited to a variety of different domestic and commercial projects making them a useful project to offer as part of your range.

Suiting the demands of most projects, from home renovations and new builds, to office refurbishments and restaurant refits, bifold doors are a truly versatile sliding door to offer.

9. They come in a variety of different colours and finishes

Available in practically any RAL colour, aluminium bifold doors are supplied in a high quality powder coat for improved aesthetics and durability. Not only does this coating improve the appearance of the overall bifold panel, it also improves its durability and stratch-resistance.

At Bifold Network, our aluminium bifolds are even available in a range of woodgrain foils, allowing you to target the lucrative mock-timber market.

10. They’re in demand

Aluminium bifold doors have been a staple of home improvement TV programs like Grand Designs for several years now. As a result, sales are strong, the market is booming and the overall popularity of aluminium bifold doors is showing no sign of slowing down. Investing in aluminium bifold doors can help you harness this incredibly profitable market.

Find out more about our market-leading aluminium bifolds by calling us on 01142 313 133 or sending us an email.

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