10 reasons why you should invest in aluminium windows

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Aluminium windows

As well as supplying bifolding doors for the trade, Bifold Network also supply aluminium windows. This is because we believe the superior performance and aesthetics they offer present real advantages to both the consumer and installer. Here’s 10 reasons why you should invest in aluminium windows today:

1. They’re a top of the range product

Aluminium windows are a top of the range, luxury product. This means that many consumers will be willing to pay a little extra for, as long as the window itself is of an exceptionally high quality. If you’re looking to attract a new type of homeowner to your range and expand into the lucrative luxury product market, investing in an aluminium window is a very wise decision.

2. They’re in demand

What’s more, aluminium windows are actually in demand! With more homeowners than ever looking to improve the aesthetics, and energy efficiency of their home, the market for aluminium windows is steadily expanding. Deciding to stock aluminium windows as part of your range can allow you to tap into this potentially lucrative emerging market.

3. They can help enhance the energy efficiency of a home

Modern aluminium windows provide exceptional levels of thermal and acoustic retention, as well as energy efficiency. Fitted with intricate thermal breaks, and manufactured with energy efficiency in mind, aluminium windows can help to significantly reduce the energy consumption of a property, potentially saving a household money on the cost of their heating bills.

4. They offer great margins

As a luxury product with great aesthetics, performance and eco-credentials, aluminium windows can command a higher price on the market and offer a great return. We endeavour to offer competitive prices on our aluminium windows so that we can pass on a greater level of profit.

5. They’re resistant to corrosion

Aluminium as a material is naturally resistant to corrosion and does not degrade as fast as other metals. This makes it perfect for use in a range of climatic environments, including costal areas and exposed locations when combined with the right type of finish.

6. Their aesthetics are very versatile

The aesthetics of aluminium windows can be easily customised to meet the demands of most properties. Capable of being coloured in practically any RAL colour, aluminium windows are perfect for use in homes with a unique aesthetic that needs a versatile and sympathetic match.

7. They’re easy to maintain

Needing just an occasional clean with a damp cloth, aluminium windows are incredibly easy to maintain. No constant coats of paint: no regular servicing etc. This makes them perfect for housebound, or mobility-restricted homeowners.

8. They have slimmer sightlines

With slimmer sightlines that most conventional uPVC units, aluminium windows are capable of incorporating much larger areas of glazing. This can enhance the natural light experienced by a property, making it brighter and more inviting, as well as improving the overall aesthetic of the property.

9. They use durable finishes

Using high quality powder coating, aluminium windows are finished with an incredibly strong coat of colour. This can resist surface wear and tear much more readily than uPVC windows, and makes the overall frame less liable to scratching and damage.

10. They’re sustainable

Aluminium windows are one of the most environmentally friendly types of window because they can be very easily recycled. If you want to maximise your green credentials, investing in aluminium windows is a great way to show homeowners you care about the environment.

Invest in an aluminium window from Bifold Network today!

To find out more about our aluminium windows, or our bifold doors, send us an email or give us a call on 01142 313 133

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